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Birtley Galvanizing
The Birtley brand has grown from its modest 1965 beginnings in County Durham to become one of the UK's most respected names in construction design technology and product development.
Opening in 1996, the Birtley Galvanizing plant achieves the finest quality hot-dip galvanized zinc protective coatings to BS EN ISO 1461. The 'State of the Art Technology' plant processes steel products using computer controlled, fully automated handling system which ensures accurate pre-treatment and regulated dipping speeds. 
We are proud members of: 
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Birtley is a member of the Galvanizers Association. The association was set up in 1949 to encourage the highest possible standards of technical efficiency in the industry and to promote the use of Hot-Dip Galvanized steel. 

Contact the Birtley Galvanizing team direct:

Tel (Direct): 0191 410 4421

Fax: 0191 410 0650

A brief history of our brand
1965 - Birtley Founded
This follows the acquisition of a small structural steel business G.T. Duncan (Birtley) Ltd by the Birmingham Small Arms Co. Ltd. The company opens for business in Mary Avenue, Birtley, on the 19th July.
1967 - Lintel Manufacturing Begins
Originally steel fabricators for the local mining industry and power stations, Birtley now adds steel lintels and garage doors to its product range.
1973 - An Acknowledged Building Industry Specialist
By now the building industry represents 85% of Birtley's turnover and profit. This year the company is sold to Manganese Bronze Holdings Ltd.
1979 - A Move of Address
Birtley is now a leading national supplier to the building industry with depots throughout the country. The company moves to a new factory near Newcastle Airport and diversifies into the kitchen furniture and galvanizing plant installations. 
1980 - The Recession Bites
The company abandons its kitchen ambitions but retains galvanizing. Birtley closes its new factory and returns to its original Mary Avenue site. 
1981 - A New Owner
Birtley is purchased by Hill & Smith Holdings PLC. The company is now back on track and launches its Supergalv lintel and residential door ranges. It has also built a substantial sub-contract galvanizing business serving the North East.
1989 - A New Name
This year, Birtley Manufacturing Ltd becomes Birtley Building Products Ltd. This reflects the significant increase in the role the company plays within the Hill & Smith Group.
1996 - Taking Galvanizing to The Next Level
Birtley's brand new plant is completed and commissioned in May. It is one of Europe's most advanced facilities for hot-dip galvanizing.
2014 - Birtley Group is Born
The Birtley and Expamet brands are brought together under the new Birtley Group banner. The group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC.

Galvanizing Team:

Tel 0333 414 9737

Fax: 0191 410 0650

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