One tonne of steel turns to rust around the world; of every two tonnes of steel made, one is to replace rust  
Of steel protected by hot dip galvanizing preserves enough energy to satisfy a family's needs for several weeks. 
In the galvanizing process, iron or steel articles are dipped into a bath containing molten zinc just above the melting point. Any zinc that does not form a coating on the metal remains in the bath for further re-use.
Galvanizing residues that are recovered from the zinc are recycled for further use. As well as zinc recovered from these residues, recycled zinc from other sources, such as zinc scrap, is often used in galvanizing. Galvanized steel can be recycled easily with other steel scraps in the steel production process.

Improvements in gas burning technology have also greatly improved energy efficiency in heating the galvanizing bath. Exhaust heat is not wasted and is used to heat pretreatment chemicals or dry work prior to immersion.
The galvanizing industry is committed to understanding and improving the life-cycle environmental performance of its process and products.
The Galvanizers Association has recently helped establish a Pan-European Life Cycle Inventory database for general galvanizing. This LCI data will allow Environmental Product Declarations and other life cycle assessments to be made on structures involving galvanized steel.
Our plant achieves the finest quality hot-dip galvanized zinc protective coatings to BS EN ISO 1461. The “State of the Art Technology” plant processes steel products using a computer-controlled, fully automated handing system which ensures accurate pretreatment and regulated dipping speeds.
Bath dimensions
10m, depth 3.2m, width 1.5m 
Component Size
9.8m, depth 2.7m, width 1.3m 
  • Capable of handling an extensive range of products
  • BSI registered company
  • Preventative system to eliminate harmful substances to the atmosphere 
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