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Every lintel is galvanized AFTER fabrication.
Painting cut ends after production will always leave weak points for corrosion to begin. At Birtley, no edges are ever left with inferior protection. Birtley Supergalv is the ONLY lintel range that guarantees complete and consistent protection.
Every lintel is made from structural steel to EN10025
This is 30% stronger than the pre-galvanized steel sheets typically used by other suppliers. Steel is a tried and tested material with a reliable life span. 
Up to 50% more zinc protection than other lintel brands
Every Birtley Supergalv lintel has at least 65 microns of zinc, while other well-known brands have as little as 19 microns. Assuming a location with a corrosion rate of 1 micron per year., a Birtley lintel is expected to reach 65 years before the first maintenance. In the same location, an inferior lintel may not even last 19 years if its paint becomes damaged.
No base plate 
High thermal efficiency as standard 
UK made, CE marked 
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