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Charity donation to the Workington British Legion.


As November 11th 2019 approaches, Birtley Galvanizing was commissioned by Shane Taylor Welding to galvanize a bespoke Remembrance Day bench which will be donated to the Workington Royal British Legion.


The bench which was profiled by O'Connor Fencing encapsulates a beautiful depiction of a WW2 scene and includes the British flag, aircraft, ships, soldiers and the iconic poppy display.


"The detail that has gone into the Remembrance Day bench is exquisite and a real testament to the craftsmanship of Shane Taylor Welding. We were honoured to be asked to galvanize this lovely piece of artwork which will be admired by visitors and members of the Workington community for many years to come."


Graeme McPherson Galvanizing Sales & Technical Manager at Birtley Galvanizing

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