When you choose Birtley you've got one of Europe's most modern galvanizing plants working for you. It's the care we take that makes all the difference. 
Bath dimensions
Bath: 10m x 1.5m, depth 3.2m
Component max: 9.8m x 1.3m, depth 2.7m
1. Help us to help you
Please make sure you remove any welding slag, paint and heavy grease from the piece before we receive it.
Then we'll do the rest.
2. Preparation by Birtley
  • Alkaline or acid dip for final degreasing.
  • Cold water rinse and then 'pickling' - hydrochloric acid dip to remove rust and mill scale. Rinse again.
  • Dip in flux solution - typically 30% zinc ammonium chloride - to remove last traces of surface oxide so that the molten zinc properly wets the steel.
3. The latest coating technology saves you money
Our state-of-art investment isn't just good for the environment. Our efficiency helps us to keep costs down - which means consistently good prices for our customers.
  • Pieces are dipped into a bath of molten zinc. Our advanced gas burning technology heats the bath very efficiently, with exhaust heat harnessed to warm up preparation chemicals.
  • Any zinc that does not coat the metal remains in the bath or re-use.
  • Galvanizing residues are recovered and zinc recycled for further use.
  • Recycled zinc from other sources, such as zinc scrap, is often used to further improve the efficient use of materials.
Why Galvanize?
Hot Dip Galvanizing
Data shows that galvanizing can provide between 34 to 170 years of protection for steel
Hot Dip Galvanizing
Galvanized steel can
recycled and reused 
Hot Dip Galvanizing
Cost Effect
The Galvanizing
process is
Galvanizing Steel is self healing
Galvanizing offers complete coverage - internally and externally

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